Friday, September 24, 2010

Stormy weather

Ok so it's been high winds and rain for the past two weeks which suits me fine. I've been resting a calf injury and doing light running every other day. Back to full strength now and will start back on training plan at 70% tomorrow with a 1.5hr long slow run (which aren't really that slow anymore).

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rest is not rest.

Ok so been taking it easy for the last two weeks. Just doing 70% of usual training as the next race isn't until December. Been concentrating more on my form and breathing. Start back on weights and core next week. Slight pain in right calf shortened my run today only 30mins of an easy 50 could feel it pulling yesterday, am icing it and will take a day off tomorrow. All my training is now on hills except for my VO2 MAX stress training.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

X-Terra 6 Shakespeare Bay.

Ran this pretty fast and went hard last year in 1:30. It's the shortest race in the series but has a long technical coastal section. I took the race start easy as well as the coastal section as I knew there were a few hills to climb at the end. I had enough in the tank to run the hills at the end and an easy trot to the finish. I took 4 mins off my time last year coming in at 1:26 and felt fresh and relaxed at the end. Knew my third place in series was assured so just wanted to see how a more relaxed approach to this race would leave me feeling at the end. Answer I could have easily run it again even faster. Wore my NB's but they felt heavy after the sea. Think the inov8's would have been lighter but not sure how they would have coped on the slippery coastal section?