Sunday, December 19, 2010

Build up

2hr run in the lovely rain today. Start of build to 6-7 hrs for Tarawera Ultra. 40 mins extra each week.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Goat

A long Taper and a few good nights sleep made all the difference for me at the Mt Ruapehu 21k run that is 'The Goat'. I had decided to run in my Inov8 212 raptors. This was a bold move as these lightweight trail shoes might have meant the death of my ankles on such a treacherous trail. However they proved to be the perfect choice. They dealt with the terrain amazingly and were light enough to make uphill bursts an easy option. The 1km downhill start, at 1600m above sea level, on a tarmac road spread the field out so that by the time we hit the trail there was no bunching. We started in waves and I was in wave 1 in about 70th place when we hit the trail proper. The sun beat down mercilessly and the 2 litres of water I carried were adequate but with plenty of freshwater streams along the route I could have taken a small bottle and refilled it on the run. The trail was by no means dry and there were plenty of runners slipping and sliding on the muddier uphill sections. My raptors dealt with all of that and I slipped once. After attacking the first big hill I layed back on the descent and had several runners pass me including 5 or 6 from wave 2. I took it easy on the next ascent but made a move on the downhill overtaking about 15 runners. I keep up the power on the next big hill and made another 10 places. Taking it easy up to the big waterfall climb I sustained a moderate climbing pace. I had enough energy to pick up another 10 places on the downhill and ascent to the Last mile where a tarmac road ascent to the finish awaited. I was exhausted by this point and it was all I could do to walk, run, walk, run. Halfway up I was given some water by a spectator and some jelly beans by a young girl.....they were just what I needed. I ran the last 500 metres and was able to pick up another place on the flat to the finish cheered on by some Welsh supporters in the crowd. This was a mighty tough race. I finished in 2:46. I was 49th overall (out of 500) and 4th in my age grade. This was my first race as a Port Talbot Harrier.......result. Quads not to bad but calves are screaming......