Monday, May 24, 2010

Training- Long runs

Done a 4.5 hr run on Sat with a full backpack(6kgs) probly covered 30kms in the dark on a 20 min circuit of Mt Eden.(13 circuits). Felt good the next day and had no problems scoffing food on the run. Had a meal bar an up and go plus a red bull some nuts and a can of tuna. Also downed 3 energy gels. Felt quite comfortable in long sleeved running top and base tights and shorts. No hat or gloves needed but a better camelbak would do me the world of good. Seen a great one in shop in Ponsonby hope they sponsor me and supply me with one? 30 min jog tonight and back to regular training tomorrow.

Monday, May 17, 2010

1st X-Terra run at Hunua

This is one of the tougher races in the series and my time last year was 2:24. I was hoping to get close to 2:00 this year but sadly it was not to be. Two days before the race I caught a cold which had not cleared by the day of the race. I started off with good intentions but didn't have the energy to keep up the pace. As soon as my feet got wet in the first stream crossing my feet felt like lead. 15 mins into the race I then impaled my calf on a dead branch sticking into the trail as I overtook someone. The next half hour was dead leg and I ended up finishing 2:13. St Johns Ambulance cleaned me up and I now await the riddance of this cold and my next training run.