Sunday, July 4, 2010

Xterra 3 Waiuku

This race gave me just 5 days to rest after the Hillary trail Ultra. I'd only run once in the week to check out my ankles and make sure I was fit to race. My legs were still tired but I was sure I'd be able to finish the race. The course isn't the toughest climbing trail but it was mostly sand. I started off at my usual pace but soon realised that I'd have to gear down if I wanted to complete the course as My muscles were starting to tighten after 3k's. I ran in my inov 8's but ny NB's or Scotts would have been just as effective and more comfortable. I settled into a steady pace and managed to run the whole course. I finished in 1:48 (21 mins faster than last year) and am pleased that I was able to run the entire course of 19.5 k's. Time to take a weeks rest before getting back to normal training.

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