Thursday, June 3, 2010

Long long run

Ok so last Sat ran from 8:00pm until 4 in the morning. Took a 6kg pack and took 3x 20 min eat- walk breaks. It was all mountain and trail running. Felt ok next day, foot was a bit clicky and sore but hey what wouldn't be after that? Rested for 2 days then back to normal training. Have just bought a pair of inov8 Talons. They are super light and grippy. Not as robust as my NB's but probably just the thing for the 21k Riverhead race on the 16th. Will break em in and we'll see how they go. Have started using the scotts shoes I won at Whatipu earlier this year. They are light but not much grip, great for my interval training on the field though.

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