Monday, May 23, 2011

Riverhead 21k

As usual the first race of the X terra series found me with a heavy cold and in no way race fit. I started the race not knowing if I'd be choosing the shorter long course at the split with the superlong. I felt sluggish and ill for the first 10k and it was a stuggle to keep going. My training of late has seen me not using gels anymore but getting my body used to using the food and fat supplies within it and I sure could have used a gel after 10ks. When the split came I decided against wimping out and was starting to feel a little better (psychologically that is). The next 5k I concentrated on picking up my pace and was getting close to my usual race pace for the last 6k. I finished in 2:11. The usual cramps on the last km were the only signs that I had been running a race (and the mud). Back to back long runs continue for the Hillary trail run in July.

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