Monday, March 21, 2011

The Tarawera 100km Ultra

Done and done. 12:32. I pretty much stuck to my plan of taking it easy for the first 60kms with some walking at the start. My choice of using the minimus running shoes was a good one, but my tiredness in the last 40 kms didn't allow me to be as light footed as the shoe require, especially over the hard packed gravel roads in the last 40kms. This caused me to have to change to the shoes provided by Smiths, which were total road shoes with no milage on them. Hence the blister (first one ever) and imminent loss of a toenail. I drank plenty of fluid and replace along the course but got mixed up with my gels and missed 3 or 4 out (doh!). My pacers Mark and Rohan were great with Mark becoming more of a life support machine in the last 30kms. It was all I could do to run a few kms then walk then run etc... My quads are not to bad but ankles are swollen and there are general aches and pains but I'm otherewise pretty good. Although I did not have the envisaged energy to race the last 10kms I am still very pleased at my stamina in my first attempt at a 100km run. I have learned a lot and plan to return to Tarawera next year and attempt a sub 12 hour time. Longer training and more time in my minimalist shoes will hopefully help me achieve this.

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